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Welcome to Sunnyfield

We are pleased to report and update you with the news of the Kindergarten project related to "Gourmet Charity Gala Event" on 27th June 2009

Details are available on our websites, simply click here and start to enjoy


This is Sunnyfield's company culture and the core principle of our trading.

The existence of a nation relies on their people.
People will fail to live life fully without food.
Food will be meaningless to serve its purpose without healthiness.
A country should always ensure their people enjoy a healthy diet.

Fruit and vegetable are indispensable parts of a healthy diet and these are the products Sunnyfield has been trading over the years.

This is the concept that Sunnyfield began when we started trading in the New Spitalfields Market since 1995.

Sunnyfield has been a major wholesaler gathering a full range of fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce from all over the world such as China, Thailand, South Asia, Europe, South America, USA, etc.,Over the years, we have been bridging the British agricultural market with the international markets together, opening the channels worldwide.

We are amongst the leading importer of Thai herbs and spices and Chinese seasonal fruit and vegetables into the western market, mixing up the Chinese culture with the West. Vegetables will never be simple and boring again in the Western market since then. On top of it, Chinese can still taste Chinese cuisine in Europe as an antidote for nostalgia.

We are innovative and courageous to be the market's first mover. We are the first to import peeled garlic, Polish mushroom, premier Shandong ginger and Thai herbs into Britain. Another example of our ingenuity is our introduction of a new product line of shredded spring green (also known as seaweed) which saves a lot of chefs' processing time in the kitchen. With a humble start, Sunnyfield has since developed into a well established and widely recognised business within the industry.

Sunnyfield has always been a socially responsible company. We bear a strong sense of duty and care for less fortune communities. We organised various charitable events raising funds for The Great Ormond Hospital (For Children) and Islington Chinese community centre. On 27th June 2009, we successfully raised fund for rebuilding the Sichuan earthquake region by organising a Gourmet Charity Gala Event in the New Spitalfields Market in London, in association with the Spitalfields Market Tenants Association, sponsored by the City of London, Walthamstow City Council and was widely supported by a number of venerable local Chinese entities.

Sunnyfield is renowned for the supply of fresh and high quality fruits and vegetables and being a socially responsible company.

Moving forward, we will step up our effort to strive for better competitiveness and stronger alliance with our business counterparts to explore new products and new markets for mutual benefits of our business partners and loyal customers.

We look forward to marching into the future, hand in hand with you all, in pace with our society and to assure you our reliability.

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